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My love affair with Egypt started many years ago. As a healer, I have always been deeply inspired by the healing arts in Ancient Egypt. The use of essential oils, sound healing, energy, and magic. For 10 years my business was named Denderah Healing Arts after a temple I held dearly in my heart and soul. Never did I imagine at that time that I would one day be leading tours through this ancient land. I love taking people to Egypt to experience the love of the people, the deep magic, and to feel the awakening in their soul.

“This trip was so incredibly deep, rich, amazing, and magical! It was a delight to all my senses. The tour reflects Brenda’s very generous and caring spirit. The activities are thoughtfully planned. The local tour guides were very considerate and responsive to any concern and need. I felt safe and cared for every moment. This trip fed my soul so deeply. I have beautiful memories. Thank you Brenda.”

“Everybody on your team did a really fantastic job with the logistics and checking on everyone’s comfort. It was truly a phenomenal trip and I thank you sincerely” 

Experience a Sacred Journey to Egypt

Awakening: Fall of 2023/Registration and details TBA.

Join me on this incredible sacred journey to Egypt. This will be my 8th time there. This beautiful country is steeped in ancient wisdom, knowledge, and mystery. Experience the magic of the temples, the heart energy of the local people, and the awakening of all your senses. Every aspect of the pilgrimage through Egypt is infused with intention. The sacred sites and temples have energies that affect you in deep and profound ways. You will experience a shift during and after your experience. The energy of Egypt catalyzes deep-seated memories and stirrings of the soul. We remember by returning to the temples. We will visit various temples and learn how to use their energy for healing and expanded consciousness. Each temple is built on a lay line – a portal, or vortex of energy. The tours are intimate. They are a place to connect with kindred spirits, a place to listen to the deeper call of your soul. We will meditate in the temples, have profound life-altering shifts, go deep, feel the ancient energies, enjoy the culture, and have fun along the way. Please let me know if you are interested in this life-changing magical journey!

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