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For all sessions, I receive the information through empathic knowing, divine guidance, energy reading, clairvoyant seeing, and channeling energy. A transformational experience that can assist with blocked energy, challenges, life path, career, finances, romance. Receive insight, move forward, get clear, and be free!

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The sessions may include: Deep energetic re-patterning, channelled higher frequencies, Temple Oils I make, or Egyptian Perfumes that support your vibration, crystals, sacred sound, and sacred geometry. The purpose for the session is to dissolve blocks, limiting beliefs, body memories held in cellular structures, energetic imprints from childhood and other emotional trauma, energetic patterns passed down through your genetic lineage, past life trauma, contracts, and agreements. Clearing of debris in the energy field, balancing the emotional body, calming the nervous system. Powerful transmissions of energy flow into all levels of your being. Usually, you continue to shift for several days afterwards. You may book 60, 90, or 120 minutes. You may book 1 session, or a series if you want to fast track through your blocks. Many clients come in for maintenance, tuneups, and ongoing work as they continue to grow into their brightest self.

Healing Session

Healing sessions can be a very transformational experience. I rely on a combination of direct knowing, divine guidance, reading energy, and clairvoyant seeing to help you get in touch with your true self and clear out unwanted energy. This session is good for helping with blocked energy, challenges, life path decisions, career, finances, and romance.

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A session to intuitively read what your gifts are and then a plan to help you develop them. This session may include basic business development, opening intuition, energy healing, accessing guides, etc. This can be booked and experienced in 1 session, or several.

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Space Clearing

Why Space Clearing? Space Clearing clears the energetic vibration of a space. Vibration or energy is that unseen element that can either support you or cause energy drains.¬†Everything that happens in a room or a building vibrates and leaves an energetic imprint. Our worries, fears, issues, anger, and all emotions can leave behind a low... Read more »

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