“I am a healer myself, and very selective about who I work with/receive healings from. Brenda is a true healer. She works multidimensionally, her work is extremely “spot on”, and effective. I could feel the shifts take place during the sessions, and ongoing into the next couple of days” 

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All sessions are available by phone, online, or in person. The best way to book sessions is online. You may text or email for questions. Quite often I am in session, and not available for phone conversations. I do my best to return all correspondence in a timely manner. 

In-person sessions are in Portland, Or. I create an experience that focuses on one person at a time. This allows for individual service, privacy, and a calm atmosphere. Visiting my home studio is by appointment only. I have a lovely retreat home in NE Portland that has a private entrance for the healing studio. Phone and online available for USA and International sessions.

Single Session

Combination of Intuitive Reading + Energy Clearing + Healing 

  • 60 minutes/$235
  • 90 minutes/$320
  • 120 minutes/ $450

During sessions, I connect to your essence and channel energy and information through empathic knowing, divine guidance, & clairvoyant seeing. I work with a team of guides. The session is a transformational experience that may assist with blocked energy, life challenges, finances, romance, trauma, endings, transitions, limiting beliefs, body memories held in cellular structures, energetic imprints from childhood and other emotional trauma, ancestral patterns, past life trauma, contracts, agreements, cutting cords and ties, & clearing negative energy. I work on the 4 body system: emotional, mental, physical, and energetic. Powerful transmissions of energy flow through my hands that clears debris in your energy field, calms the nervous system, balances the emotional body, and clears the mind. I always work to bring you back to center, ground you in deep, and connect you back to self.

If you are unsure of what you need it is ok, we will chat at the beginning of the session and I can intuit the best support for you. You may record sessions. I have trained myself to not remember anything once the session is complete.  

Energy Support

Receive energetic support from me and my guides. We will channel 15 minutes of long-distance energy especially for you. This can support your self-care, spiritual practice, grounding, well-being, clarity, health, and over all vibration. Like a daily energy vitamin!  
4 x’s per week $235 

Mentoring Sessions for Energy Healing, or Intuitive Development:

Only available as a series. 

An intuitive assessment to see where you are, what the blocks are, and what are your steps toward development. It does require a commitment. I have been in this field for over 26 years. Trust me, this didn’t just happen overnight. It is a process and one that is truly worth a commitment toward self (and others) to do the work. I am able to work in an organic intuitive way that can fast-track you in the ways that most match who you are and what it is that you want to work toward. It is a co-creative experience that involves homework and your investment to deepen your abilities in a grounded and realistic manner. 

6 one-hour sessions for $1400

Intuitive Energy Healing Program

6 months and longer currently in development Available 2023

I have worked in this field for over 26 years. I have learned so much!! Personal development, techniques, self-care, energy management, and so much more! I am creating a program that allows you to be successful in your work as an Intuitive Energy Healer. 

“Caring For Myself is not Self-Indulgence, It is Self Preservation”

Audre Lorde