“Healers aren’t holy beings sent down from the light, they emerge from the darkness after learning how to heal and radiate the glow of transformation”

My work has emerged from almost 30 years of dedicated work toward healing and spiritual awakening. It is a lifestyle, an immersion, a way of being. It has included many spiritual initiations, ceremonies, direct experiences, deep personal work, mentors, teachers, certifications, & sacred journeys to power spots on this planet. I have been a professional in the healing arts since 1996. I have administered thousands of deeply transformational sessions, in the USA and Internationally. I have led tours to Egypt. I have facilitated classes and workshops for accessing the soul through Reiki, Art, Healing, Transformation, & Magic. I have supported many through their personal spiritual awakening and healing journey. I’ve helped repair nervous systems. Cleared minds. Healed bodies. I’ve helped empower empaths. I’ve given wings to healers. Helped many find their magic, and their soul.  

I am a catalyst that stimulates change in consciousness and the energy field. I am highly empathic. This means I feel emotions, energies, and words that are stored in all your bodies (emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and soul). I specialize in assisting empaths, highly sensitive people, creatives, change makers, healers, old souls, intuitives, and people riding this paradigm shift we are currently in. During a session I receive intuitive insight. I work with a team of guides. I channel multiple streams of energy for optimal wellness. I clear stuck energy, shift patterns, ground spiritual energy into the body, help with integration, balance and clear chakras, clear generational patterns, assist with stepping into power & purpose, clear the past, awaken intuitive and spiritual gifts, open creativity, empower personal growth, and much more. I also help integrate people after plant medicine journeys. Many people come to me after a journey to unpack the experience, & safely integrate the medicine. I help you walk a balanced and integrated path of awakening and wellness on all levels. 

During each session, I meet you where you are and we move in an organic way that honors your unique rhythm of healing. You may come to a session with intentions of what you want to focus on, or I can read your energy and create a session. It can also be a combination of both 

My Training Includes:

  • Advanced Aromatherapy and the development of a product line I sold for 15 years. 
  • Creative Expression in many areas: Journaling, Touch Drawing Facilitator, Soul Writing, Art of Allowing facilitator, Intuitive Painting
  • Intuitive Practices: Pathway Process for Akashic Records, Intuitive Readings, Channeling, Deep Inner Listening
  • Massage Therapy: Licensed Massage Therapist  for 21 working years (graduated Brenneke Massage School)
    Reiki Master/Teacher: taught for 17 years
  • Advanced Energy Healing: many years of intensive studies with world-renowned healers including a 5th-generation Siberian Shaman
  • Sound Healing: training and certification from John Beaulieu and Tom Kenyon
  • Energy Anatomy and in-depth training of The Chakra System
  • Received Munay-Ki, the 9 Rites of Initiation of the Qero Shamans of Peru
    ISTA Level 1: International School of Temple Arts – Sexual, Shamanic, Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Awakening

My bio is my development of skills through extensive training. The journey of an awakened healer is another story. There is deep personal transformation and growth that comes from this path. That can’t be taught. However, the wisdom can be shared. 
I was born into a family with a tremendous amount of pain and dysfunction. I was sensitive, empathic, and deeply wounded. I walked the hero’s journey. The wounded healer. The coal into diamond, the alchemy. I didn’t know there was anything other than what I had been subjected to. Generational pain, addiction, abuse. It all started unraveling for me around the age of 23. I had several nervous breakdowns and no real support. Some spiritual teachings suggest a nervous breakdown is similar to a spiritual awakening. A time of rapid release of old pain, conditions, and false self. My soul was screaming for help. I left the midwest with minimal dollars and whatever fit in my car. I free-spirited my way from Iowa to Boulder to Denver to Seattle. I had a tremendous amount of courage, a strong spirit, a survivor, and nothing to lose. I met musicians, creatives, old souls, bright lights, and broken ones too. Around 27, I entered an intense cycle of depression that lasted 2 years. A true dark night of the soul. A psychologist told me I was too depressed to help, I was put on medication that made me feel crazier than the depression. I turned to art, herbs, magic, journaling, spiritual and healing books. I eventually found my way up and out. I came out the other side. Death and rebirth. Phoenix Rising. Things my soul knew about, but I was just beginning this deep dance with transformation. Soon after, I met an astrologer who told me I would be healing with my hands, communicating about transformation. I was a healer, I healed with light. I had no idea how that was me or how I was going to get to what was written in the stars for me. I did know this lady spoke truth, I felt it in my soul.  

I started massage school, met a spiritual teacher and studied with her. Became a Reiki Master. Started Teaching Reiki. Gathered clients and students. Stepped onto my path as a healer. My soul was on fire. I began the journey of shedding many layers, healing my pain, transforming my soul, returning to self. I was led to many who became my mentors and teachers. I studied earth magic, plant magic, honoring the moon and her cycles. I mentored with a 5th generation female Shaman from Siberia. I learned about honoring the spirit world. I studied Reiki and became a master. I learned about working with guides, meditation, channeling, and psychic healing. I learned from many who taught me ways to heal the body, soul, spirit. They all reminded me of the power and light I carried. They helped me awaken my spiritual energy and develop myself as a channel and guide for energy and light. I experienced a kundalini awakening. That was a very intensive experience that lasted several years. I now have strong kundalini that runs through my body. This awakening opened up more of my healing energy and psychic abilities. I am able to assist others who are experiencing this energy. I learned to work with this in a deeply sacred and respectful manner. I am an old soul. I chose to remember and awaken so I could help others do the same. I  shine bright and remind others of the light and power they carry. By standing in my purpose, I help others to stand in theirs. I learned to embrace and trust this path and all that it entails. I had to learn to listen to the voice of my soul. To go deeper. To heal more. To awaken. To trust. My soul remembers many lifetimes of being a priestess, an oracle, a shaman, an herbalist, a medicine woman, a faith healer, a gypsy, a prophet, a seer, and healer. Working in the oil rooms in temples in ancient Egypt. Working with Divine feminine energy, shakti, and mystery schools. I am here to weave the ancient into the modern, to bring about transformation and change, to share my light and wisdom. I resonate with the star card in the tarot. This card represents Isis – known as the “way Shower”. Guiding us out of the darkness of unconsciousness and into awakening. The Star represents reclaiming the Self in a true authentic way. This is my path, this is what I know, many times over. I travel to sacred sights and harness that energy for spiritual growth and acceleration. I have made many pilgrimages to Mount Shasta, Hawaii, Sedona, Mount Adams, Egypt, Israel, and Greece. I currently facilitate tours to Egypt. The home of my soul. With all of this, I offer you many years of deep experience as a healer, as well as someone who has walked an intensive spiritual and healing path. I have learned to shift dense energy into usable light. I have become friends with transformation. I have overcome much in my personal journey and offer a deep level of care and authenticity to you and your soul. I am a clear channel. I continually work toward a higher state of grounded evolution and consciousness.  I share what I know.