Art Gallery

“Every artist dips her brush into her soul, and paints her hidden places forward.”

My expression comes from my intuition, my ability to feel energy and easily access the soul. I blend the tangible with the intangible.  I am a channel for higher expression, healing and awakening energies. 

I engage with the energy that is present at the moment of creation, allowing it to unfold organically, and move through my senses. My passion is the search for truth, the energetic pull of beauty, the soul made visible. I am mostly self-taught. I’ve taken some workshops here and there. To me, self-taught is following the feminine path of fluid creativity. Painting is how I come back to myself, over and over again. It’s how I heal. It’s how I touch my soul.  All my paintings are infused with the same energy that flows through me for healing.

“The painting I am honored to possess was channeled by Brenda during a training with a visiting medium, and it’s felt completely transcendent since the moment I witnessed her guide the figures through with her brushes. Beyond being a captivating and vibrant painting, the figures and background within it feel alive and passively ever-present. To me, they do not feel representational. Being present when they imprinted on the canvas, I felt Brenda coordinated a relationship with their energies as they participated in the group work at the time the piece was channeled. In my experience, Brenda’s art can function as both an invigorating reference point to a time and shared moment of activation as well as ongoing source of renewal and inspiration. It carries within it and facilitates connections to internal and external synchronous energies which I am grateful to use to ground and galvanize myself and my space. The original painting I have has transformed my space and is a constant reminder and reality-check that the scientist within me can adore measuring nature while continuing to explore and define my spiritual path.”

“An artist paints, dances, draws, writes, designs, or acts at the expanding edge of consciousness. We press into the unknown rather than the known. This makes life lovely and lively.”

Julian Cameron

“About one year ago I was perusing Brenda’s studio looking at her artwork. As I looked around the room I was thinking how could I ever choose they’re all so beautiful. Just as that thought crossed my mind one of them pretty much reached out and grabbed me. I couldn’t look away or see any others after that. I said Brenda what the heck, your painting put a spell on me, it’s not really my decision! She laughed and said that it was one of my favorites but it’s not quite done. She needed to make a few changes according to my energy and what came forward to her with me in mind. It’s not a painting that I could put in my office or my bedroom… It needed to be in a wide open area where I could see it and it could see me, and everyone who comes through my home. When I look at it I feel like they are watchers, in a loving angelic/alien type of way. I find myself gazing at it often. It is mystical and protective, it feels alive.”

Original art and prints coming soon