Sacred Tour Testimonials

“In October 2019, I traveled with Brenda Carolan on her eleven-day Sacred Journey tour through Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. It was an absolutely, unforgettable trip and the best way that I could possibly close out a decade; doing something so very special for my human self and for my eternal soul.
I first met Brenda six months prior to the trip when I booked an appointment with her for a chakra healing session at her studio in Portland, Oregon. Never in my dreams did I think that I would travel solo, without my husband of thirty-two years, to the Middle East; let alone, with another female that I barely knew. However, for Brenda and I our journey together was perhaps picking up where it had left off long ago.

Almost immediately upon entering Brenda’s studio space, I felt a déjà vu memory of another time and place. Brenda was welcoming, bubbly, and made me feel completely at ease. “Had we known each other in a past lifetime?” I wondered to myself. As Brenda worked on me, I was amazed at how empathic and clairvoyant she was. The information she shared with me about myself and my family was not only real but comforting when I most needed comforting. She tuned in to the frequency of my spirit guides during the session and made adjustments on me at their direction. From the vintage hutch in her work space she used aromatic essential oils and perfumes that she explained where from Egypt; lotus, papyrus, lavender and frankincense, to name a few. Brenda talked about her adventures in Egypt and her calling to lead her own mystical tours there. It was apparent that Egypt was a home away from home for her. I could not help but get enthused about the prospect of possibly joining her on tour in the fall. I left Brenda’s place feeling so grounded from my chakra healing session, yet with a spring in my step and a heart that yearned for ancient Egypt.

The seasons changed quickly and in no time at all, September had arrived and I was in Seattle boarding an Emirates flight to Egypt to join Brenda and seven other travelers. From the start in Cairo until we ended in Aswan, eleven days later, every day was filled with adventure, education, self-discovery, good food, beautiful people, laughter and love. Brenda and her wonderful friend, Dr. Mohamed Mustafa, who, as an Egyptologist, was also our guide throughout the journey, had arranged for us to tour not only the prominent temple sites of Egypt but also some places off the beaten path. Hidden doors and opportunities magically presented themselves to our group on many of the days, which meant that our experience as travelers was undoubtedly not anywhere close to what other foreign visitors were experiencing. Not only did we learn about this beautiful country and its ancient wonders but we were able to peel back layers of ourselves and excavate deeper into the unknown corners of our souls. I do believe that this was possible because Brenda shared so many wonderful experiences with us and supported our individual journeys with healing and holding space for us along the way. The energy of this country is at a very high frequency, unlike anywhere else on Earth. There is something so surreal about the place; I can not put my finger on it but it has the ability to transport the soul to dimensions that I am still trying to process, now, three months later.

My life has been so enriched by doing the 2019 Sacred Journey tour with Brenda Carolan and the other eight individuals in the group. When I am restless at night and can not sleep, I picture myself floating down the Nile River. I am on board the Flower of Life: the sound of water is my lullaby; the lounge chaise on the upper deck is my cradle; and the night sky and stars is the womb that I came from. Where will my soul take me tonight? Where will my human journey lead tomorrow?

Will your journey lead you to Egypt this year? I hope that it does. I send you love and light and the courage to do something unforgettable for yourself in this new decade; for your human self and for your eternal soul.”    
Jackie F

“I have been going to Brenda for years, she is a master energy healer and has helped me navigate very difficult areas in my life. A few years ago she started leading tours to Egypt. When I saw this my heart literally started beating faster. From the very first time I opened a National Geographic, I became fascinated with Egypt. All through my life I have been drawn to all things Egyptian. I never imagined I’d actually realize my childhood dream of traveling there. It is hard to put my feelings of being there into logical words.

The place is PURE MAGIC! Brenda is the perfect guide because she is the queen of magic. Every time we visited a temple or some other wonder of Egypt, I’d think damn, that has got to be the highlight. Then she would surprise us with yet another magical spiritual experience. Brenda truly LOVES Egypt and takes delight in watching your reaction to experiencing these magic places that she loves. My tour exceeded my dreams beyond anything I could have imagined. I cannot wait to return.

So many people thought I was crazy for going. Saying that it was dangerous. There is danger everywhere in this world. I never felt scared or worried about my safety. Brenda knows what she’s doing. If you have any inclination or curiosity, I’m telling you…..Live your life and go!! You could drop dead tomorrow! Everyone should be able to experience the magic of that sacred beautiful land. I am forever grateful to Brenda, She gave me something money cannot buy!”
Lisa G