Energy Painting

My expression comes from my intuition, my ability to feel energy and easily access the soul. I blend the tangible with the intangible. Touching the materials evokes tactile and intuitive responses and impulses.

I engage with the unique energy present at the moment of creation, allowing it to unfold organically. My passion is the search for truth, the energetic pull of beauty, the soul made visible.

My classes are alchemical creative labs!! There is a chemistry that happens when like minded creatives gather in a space together. A hologram of energy gets created from what each individual brings to the group, it becomes a very charged and full energy container. We all feed it, and we all draw from it. It is pure magic! I use all my energy tools to keep this energy active and sustained during the events. It is amazing what gets activated, and more importantly, what gets created!!!

Available Classes

Group Painting Classes

Group classes are fun intro to Intuitive Painting. I provide all materials (acrylic paints, canvas for 2 paintings, brushes, etc.) Class size is limited to 6 people. I provide water, tea, and lite snacks.

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Healing or Creative Fire Intensive

A 2 or 3 day personal retreat intensive to really activate your creative fire! My healing room shifts into your own personal retreat space that you sleep in, & comes with your own private bathroom. A sanctuary for your soul. We will do a combination of personalized healing sessions and intuitive painting sessions through out the intensive. We will clear blocks, activate shakti, learn basic intuitive/energy painting, and have fun! Meals can be ordered in or Alberta Street is close by and has great restaurants. I will provide tea, water, snacks, meals, smoothies, abundant use of healing oils and Egyptian sacred perfumes, and all art supplies during your stay. Each day includes private time, a 1-2 hour healing session, a 3-4 hour painting module, and an evening integration session that can be either healing or painting or a combo of both. $700 per day for everything! 2 day minimum

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Live Painting

I am available to live paint at your next event! Contact me to discuss details.

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