Experience Egypt

My love affair with Egypt started many years ago, as a healer I have always been deeply inspired by the healing arts in Ancient Egypt. The use of essential oils and sacred perfumes. The healing chambers in the temples. The use of energy and sound for healing. For 10 years my business was named Denderah Healing Arts after a Temple I hold dearly in my heart and soul.

13 years ago I birthed a line of Temple oils and sprays. I worked with Isis as my guide, and I remembered working in the oil rooms in Ancient Egypt. Ancient formulas poured into my memory, and my soul. I read everything I could find on ancient Egypt, herbs, magic, essential oils, and sacred perfumes. Never dreaming that one day I would visit.

Fast forward to now…..I have now been to Egypt 5 times in the last year and a half. I have met alchemists who have worked with sacred perfumes in their lineages for over 5 generations. I am friends with alchemists and artisans who create beauty in sacred ways. I am in love with Egypt!

Egypt has an amazing dedication to beauty and to the sacred. I have hand chosen the perfumes, jewels, crystals, and scarabs that I bring home. Business is very different in Egypt. You become friends, then family. One of my joys is to share the beauty and the sacred I have found in Egypt with you! My hope is that it touches your soul the way it has touched mine.

This trip was so incredibly deep, rich, amazing and magical!  It was a delight to all my senses.

From a recent traveler