Space Clearing

Why Space Clearing?

Space Clearing clears the energetic vibration of a space. Vibration or energy is that unseen element that can either support you or cause energy drains. Everything that happens in a room or a building vibrates and leaves an energetic imprint. Our worries, fears, issues, anger, and all emotions can leave behind a low vibration in a space. This stagnant, sluggish, stuck energy can accumulate all around us like dust and cobwebs, we just can’t see it. Over time these many negative events and emotions create energies that alter our spaces. We all leave bits and pieces of this in our living and workspace. As this builds up, it creates an energy that doesn’t feel good. Our homes, businesses, and offices are then filled with layers of this vibrating energy. These bogged down spaces can stifle everyone. 

Space Clearing transforms a dismal environment into a sacred space. The space will feel more vibrant, lighter, and brighter afterwards.

Reasons for Space Clearing:

  • after acts of violence or anger
  • moving into a new home or business
  • if health is failing, or an unexpected illness
  • if you feel uncomfortable in your home
  • to sell a home or business~after divorce or separation
  • to release grief or sadness~to bring in positive energy for a celebration
  • if you feel unfocused, confused, or stuck~dissolve leftover trauma from an event
  • create an inviting retail, professional or creative space

My Process

I drive to your home or business in Portland, Or. We chat about what you need, what doesn’t feel good, what events have happened, what feels weird or off in the space. I invite you to join me as I go into each room and clear the room much like I do sessions on a body. I clear the discord and activate healing for the space. I help you craft intentions for each room. I use a combination of sound, special sprays I make, sage, and my team of guides. This also shows you how I do it so it can be maintained by you afterwards. Space clearing is win/win for you, your family, animals, clients, employees, and all relationships. 

Rates: As a guide a space of approximately 2000 sq. feet or less takes about 2.5 – 3 hours to clear and will be $600 (this includes drive time within a 30-minute radius of NE Portland)

Please let me know how big the property is so I can figure out the approximate time. Bigger properties require more time. Please let me know how big the space is when booking so I know how to plan for time.