Sacred Soul Journey to Egypt

Due to Corona Virus and current disruptions on the planet, I have postponed tours until 2021.

Egypt is an incredibly beautiful country that’s steeped in ancient wisdom and mystery. One of my deepest passions is to travel there and share the magic I have discovered. I’ve been fortunate and have made friends and family with healers, wisdom keepers, alchemists, and sacred perfumers. Part of my tours include visiting and spending time with these amazing Egyptians who have had their magic handed down through many generations.

Besides the people, my second greatest love is the temples. The temples have powerful energies that can affect you in deep and profound ways. Connecting to the higher frequencies in the temples for awakening catalyzes deep-seated memories and stirrings of the soul. You remember by returning to the temples.

On my sacred tours, you learn about the temples and how to access energy for spiritual growth and expanded consciousness. Each temple is built on a ley line – a portal, or vortex of energy. You experience the ancient Egyptian aromas that unlock memories, activate consciousness, and release hidden alchemical secrets. You  visit Perfume Alchemists and Egyptian Medicine Men, and meet the wisdom keepers of the mysteries. You get to spend time in the rich culture of local people, markets, and amazing food!

I have been there 6 times in the last few years and have made many friends and family along the way. I will announce my next tour as I become more aware of the energies and when it is time for my return. If you have any questions or are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Much love and blessings to you!




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The details to this trip are still being worked out. If interested, get in touch with me.

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